Why NEW PROSTATE UroPROSTIS® is a Great Option

UroPROSTIS®  is a robust multifaceted natural approach formula to support men with prostatitis. This unique formula specifically targets and supports specific men's health issues using multiple mechanisms of action in safe and effective dosages.  

1. A Natural Approach Nutraceutical:

Unlike most all prostate dietary supplements and nutraceuticals, UroPROSTIS® specifically supports symptomatic relief which is associated with prostatitis, the pelvic floor, bladder, and the perineum area.  This also includes pevic pain, urinary frequency, and urgency, 


2. Appropriate Amounts of Bioactive Ingredients: 

To give the best opportunity for healing, the right amount of bioactives in the appropriate amounts must be implemented. UroPROSTIS® applies a natural approach methodology based on real science and clinical experience to support steadily positive change.  Multiple potent bioactives are in place to support the very best opportunities for healing to occur.


3. Comprehensive Whole Body Support:

Targeted prostate and bladder support are essential, however, it is equally important to support the entire body (microbiome). UroPROSTIS® supports optimal healing and includes vitamins, minerals with select premium probiotics.  It is important to note that prostatitis can originate not only from the prostate, but can also be a manifestation from an array of different etiologies (origins). UroPROSTIS® includes 50% RDA vitamins with select minerals and 22 billion CFU's of key probiotics. 

Natural Approach Formulas Need Time to Work

Hang in There!

Welcome to and thank you for choosing UroPROSTIS® by New Prostate and NAN (Natural Approach Nutrition).


Our company's mission is to support and improve the quality of life for individuals who suffer from prostate, bladder, and pelvic pain along with lower urinary tract dysfunction.  We are dedicated and steadfast in bringing you the latest and most effective natural approach nutraceuticals in the field of urology.

Science has showed that prostate, bladder, and pelvic pain along with lower urinary tract dysfunction can manifest from an array of causes (etiologies), and this is why most treatments have not been successful.  Every person's body and microbiome is unique.  NEW PROSTATE™ has taken extraordinary steps in research and development to offer you a distinct formula in hopes that it will be a great match for your particular needs.

Athough we offer more nutraceutical options than any other company in this field, we will always continue to improve and bring new innovation to you as we learn, grow and develop.  All of our products are proudly made in the USA and UroPROSTIS® contains no ingredients from China.  This formula is gluten-free and non-GMO.  We formulate without egg, milk, shark, soy, and tree nuts.  We use no magnesium or vegetable stearate.  No artificial ingredients or preservatives.

Implementing a natural approach methodology (UROPROSTIS®) can be a great option for those experiencing prostate, bladder and pelvic pain with LUTS (lower urinary tract symptoms). Nutraceuticals can take time to reach full benefit.  Some individuals have gained remarkable improvement in a couple of weeks and others have received remarkable improvement as far out as several months.  Again, every person's body and circumstance is unique to them.

UroPROSTIS® is one of the most robust formulas on the market.  We urge you to start slowly. Best not to take a full dose the first day.  Rather, take one-two capsules (with food) and see how you feel.

We are so very sorry for hour pain, battles and struggles.  We are dedicated to this cause and will not rest until every person finds a better and or great quality of life.

Please get well soon and thank you again for allowing us to be part of your natural approach to supporting better prostate, bladder, and pelvic floor health.

Always consult with your doctor to make sure UroPROSTIS® has no contraindications with your medications or

your medical condition. 


Proudly Made In The USA

No Ingredients From China